Marching Band Drill Design Software

Download agreement


We assume that you have agreed to the following terms at the time of downloading the program.


1. Software license agreement

1. Grant of rights

AUCS (the "Company") agrees to the customer agreeing to this license agreement

The following rights are granted with respect to software that can be downloaded and its related data (hereinafter referred to as "the Software").

(a) You acquire non-exclusive rights to use the Software pursuant to the terms of this Agreement under this Agreement.

(b) You may use this software with 2 computers (limited to use by customers) per license.


2. Additional license terms

As a result of using this software in accordance with the prescribed purpose, the various files created will be your copyrighted work,

For sale, and for other commercial purposes, our permission is absolutely necessary.


3. Copyright

The copyright of this software is owned by our company or those our company has approved, and it is protected by the Copyright Law of Japan and International Convention.

In accordance with this license agreement, in the case where you copy this software, it is different from what was attached to the downloaded software

It is necessary that the same copyright notice is made.


4. Prohibited matter

(a) Data in this software can not be used for promotion, commercial or solicitation purposes.

(b) You may not lend or distribute the Software to any third party.

(c) When this software is provided as source code, it is not possible to lend or distribute the modified one to a third party.

(d) If this software is provided in binary form, you may not reverse engineer this software.


5. No guarantee

We will not be liable for any damages whatsoever that the Software is appropriate or useful for your specific purposes,

There is no guarantee about nothing, other software.


6. Disclaimer

In no event shall the Company be liable for any damages (loss of business interest, interruption of business, loss of business information, or other financial damage) arising from the use or inability of the Software.


7. Cancellation of contract

If you violate this License Agreement, we may terminate this License Agreement. In that case, you shall not use this software at all.



2. Support

With this software, we support mainly by SNS, and we support by phone only when we deem it necessary.


3. Guarantee range

· Customer is responsible for any risk including quality, performance, installation, use of programs, errors, damage to equipment, loss of data, software or programs, inactivity or interruption.

The judgment of appropriateness regarding the use of this software is your own responsibility and all risks due to its use will be borne by the customer.

· You are responsible for downloading and installing this software.

· The software may be improved or changed without prior notice.


4. Change of contract

When we deem it necessary, we can change this contract without prior notice to the customer.

If you use this software after changing this agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the changed terms.


5. Copyright holder

The copyright of each software belongs to AUCS.