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Privacy policy


AUCS (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), when you use our company, we provide you with necessary information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, etc. Hereinafter referred to as "personal information") will be disclosed.

Based on the purpose of the Personal Information Protection Act, we deal with personal information based on this "privacy policy".


Article 1
We will use personal information for the following purposes.


1. We will use contact information such as customer's name, address, phone number, etc. for shipping products and requesting payment to customers.

In addition, we may use payment information such as credit card number, bank account, etc. specified in connection with the request for payment.


2. In order to confirm the details of the order and delivery method etc, contact information such as customer's name, address, e-mail address,

We will use information such as the type and quantity of the item ordered and the amount charged.


3. In order to inform customers about the campaigns and products / services that we do, we will use the history you used, your name, address,

We will use contact information such as e-mail address.


4. In order to improve our service, we will use your opinion, questionnaire result, usage history etc. from our customers.


5. We will use contact information such as customer's name, address, e-mail address, etc. in order to respond to customer requests and inquiries.


(Management of personal information)

Article 2

We manage personal information with the following system.


1. We will prepare the necessary in-house structure according to the Personal Information Protection Law and guidelines, and obtain a pledge to the effect that employees will properly handle personal information.


2. We will limit the use of personal information to only employees who are required for business, make rules concerning the storage and management of media etc. containing personal information, and take precautionary measures to protect personal information.


3. For personal information stored in the computer system, prepare accounts and passwords so that only employees who are required for business can use it, and implement access authority management. Also, we will strictly manage accounts and passwords so that they do not leak or lose.


4. On the premise that there will be no hindrance to the service, personal information will be deleted from time to time after a certain period of time since the receipt of personal information.


(For third-party offering)

Article 3

We will not provide personal information to third parties without your consent beforehand.


However, unless there is a different provision in the Personal Information Protection Act or related laws and regulations.

In addition, in carrying out dealings with customers, such as delivery of goods, in case of necessary outsourcing of delivery companies, etc., it does not fall under third party offering.


(Disclosure of personal information)

Article 4

We will not disclose personal information to third parties unless you consent.

However, this does not apply to cases that fall under the following cases.


1. When a request is made by a public body such as a court or a police officer under the laws and regulations.


2. There are special provisions in laws and ordinances.


3. The life, body, property of a customer or a third party may be impaired and the consent of the person can not be obtained.


4. In cases where it is necessary to protect our rights, property or services from laws and regulations and actions contrary to our terms of use / notices, and we can not obtain consent of the person himself / herself.


5. We will disclose it only when we can confirm that you are the principal when there is a request for disclosure of personal information from the customer.




Representative Shinya Hattori