Marching Band Drill Design Software

How to use

 Drill Studio Viewer

● Work in Drill Studio for PC / Mac

 (Drill Designer)

Create a drill file (dsm).

Files saved from [File]> [DSM server upload] can be uploaded to the server.


Up to 10 files can be saved on the server.

The file name and password set here are shared with band members via email or SNS.

●  Work with Drill Studio Viewer (app)

Download and install the app.

When you start the app, a screen like this will appear.

Enter the file name and password of the file uploaded to the server and download it. (It must be connected to the network)

If the download is successful, the drill data is saved on the terminal.

(If the file name is displayed to the right of the ◀ ▶ button below, it is successful.)

The first time you must download once.

Load drill data with the Load button.

When reading is completed normally, the following screen appears.


Role and function of each button

Play music and drill.

Return to the top.

Move 1 sheet.

Move 1 count.

Displays / hides the information panel.

Information panel

The sheet number, sheet count, measure and beat are displayed.

To display correctly, beat data must be set in the drill data.

Displays / hides the menu.

Menu panel

Tools such as display-related settings, file management, tempo and count settings are available.

Change the display 180 degrees.

Switch between 3D view and 2D view.

Displays / hides the 3D models.

Focus the camera on the member set in the settings.

Specify the tempo. (Valid only in TEMPO mode)

Click this button to switch the playback mode.

Sound mode

The music is played and played according to the preset tempo.

Tempo mode

Plays at the specified tempo (music is not played)

Tap mode

If you tap the play button four times, the tempo is determined by the speed and playback is performed.

(May vary depending on specifications and environment)

File settings

The downloaded file is saved on your device.

You can select files in the terminal with ◀ ▶.

If you have downloaded it in advance, you can open it even in places where radio waves do not reach.

Select a file and press the Load button.

Unnecessary files can be deleted with the delete button.

This is a deletion from the device, not the server data.

If the same data as the downloaded file name and password already exists in the terminal, it will be overwritten, but if the password is different, it will not be overwritten, so two files with the same file name can be created.

If there are any changes to the drill file, delete unnecessary files in advance before downloading.

Trajectory / target setting

You can display the trajectory line, set the volume, and specify the target.

Use ◀ ▶ to find the target member number, and set the target with confirmation.

Check that the number displayed on the left of the current setting is the target member number.

These settings are saved on the device, so you can skip the settings from the next time if the file has the same member settings.

About malfunction etc.

If playback is not possible or display is not possible, check with the designner of the drill to see if there is a problem with the drill data. If you think this is a problem with this software, please contact us through the drill designner to our company.