Marching Band Drill Design Software

June 1, 2020 Ver.5.6 released!

Drill studio is drill design software for marching band developed in Japan.

Drill Studio continues to evolve day by day
All you can use the latest features at any time $ 8.16 / Monthly ~

* Yearly Plan

The drill studio is a subscription type application that can choose monthly billing and yearly billing.

You can always download the latest version from the web.
Even if a new version comes out, it will not be forcibly updated. You can update it when you need it.

You can cancel, re-contract at any time. 
Those who do not use in the off season.
Those who use it only for a certain period. It's okay if you contract only when you use it!

Multiplatform for all users


Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OSX

Supporting all user environments on a multi-platform environment-friendly choice.

edit with 3D viewpoint and intuitive operation

You can preview and edit with 3D view as well as 2D editing.

Actions and turns are also realistically reproduced, and drill design is possible assuming actual performance.

 You can get support at any time through SNS

Please do not hesitate to ask a question! You can interact with the person in charge. For problems such as software problems and usage problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Quickly share data by uploading to DSM Server

By uploading to the DSM Server, you can immediately distribute the latest drill to performers using the drill studio special mobile application "Drill Studio Viewer".

An easy-to-use tool expresses whatever shape you want. When you set a measure, it automatically acquires the current measure and count.

You can draw beautiful curves as well as figures such as straight lines and circles.

Special motion such as pinwheel and follow the leader can be created easily.

You can create a drill sheet of free design and automatically calculate counts and sheet numbers with the tag function, so you can input annotations with no time and effort.

The screen of the drill studio is not just a viewer.
You can edit and modify it as it is.


You can preview from a free viewpoint and edit with 3D viewpoint, so you can modify and change as it is.

From the viewpoint of an actual audience, a function to create an effective drill design is installed.

Various actions such as horn action and turn and pose can be faithfully reproduced.

Drill Studio Free Download

Trial version (with limited function) Download is free.

Operating environment

OS                    Windows Vista / 7/8/10 Mac OS X

Main unit CPU   Pentium 4 1.8 GHz or equivalent

Memory            4 GB or more  (8 GB or more recomme  nded)

HDD                 2 GB or more



· 1200 x 800 pixels or more recommended

· High Color displayable display


Graphics board
VRAM supporting DirectX 9.0c or later Video card with 64 MB or more (Pixel Shader 1.1 supported by hardware, with Vertex Shader 1.1 or higher 3D Accelerator function)
(If GPU is not available, software rendering is available)

· 16 bit stereo · 44 kHz Wave format playable sound function

with mouse and wheel


The operating environment is a reference value.

Because of the influence of security software and other software, trouble may occur, please test installation before purchase.

Please read the terms of service and download it.

By clicking the download button, I agree to the terms of use.

Download agreement


About the handling of personal information

The following information will be used only for the purpose of supporting, managing and improving software.

For details please read about handling of personal information.


privacy policy

Plan and Price

The displayed price is the US dollar.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Payment cycle



CD-ROM package


method of payment

Offline authentication

Use offline

Number of installed PCs

Auto renewal of contract

Monthly Plan


1 month


Download from WEB

SNS · Mail


2 PC (1 user)

Yearly Plan


1 year


Download from WEB

SNS · Mail


2 PC (1 user)

Package Plan


2 year support

(Permanently usable)

Download from WEB

Or purchase CD-ROM

($38+Shipping fee)

SNS · Mail

2 PC (1 user)

About Download Version (Subscription)

About package version (Package Plan)

You can choose monthly plans and annual plans.

The contract period is automatically updated when the monthly plan is one month and the annual plan becomes one year.

If canceled within the contract period, we can not refund the remaining number of days.

As software can not be used immediately after canceling the procedure, please pay attention to the timing to cancel.

Cancellation and re-contract can be done freely, but re-contract is a new contract.

The software is installed on the user's computer, but it is authenticated on line at startup.

Please note that when you use off line, it is likely that usage restrictions are applied when repeating booting off line.

For maintaining security, the package plan includes users (such as government agencies and educational institutions) that are limited in downloading via the Internet,

It is a plan developed for the purpose of selling to.

In the case of a contract with a package plan, off line activation is possible, and the version at the time of purchase (the version updated within the contract period) can be used permanently.

It will be a support contract for 2 years (24 months), and you can send the latest CD-ROM at $ 38 (shipping fee) during the support period.

Even in the package plan, you can download the latest version from the Internet without charge during the contract period.

If you renew your contract, we will send you a new package item upon renewal.

If the contract is not renewed, support will be terminated, and after that the version upgrade will be impossible.

Although it can continue to use, there is a possibility that it can not be used due to version upgrade of OS or change of terms of service.

We will not be covered by warranty, so please be forewarned.

Mobile App

Drill Studio Viewer

It is an application that can play drill studio data on mobile terminal.

It is the next generation marching tool which can reproduce the data as it is, can confirm the movement of the whole as well as the movement of the individual, and can reproduce in real time unlike PDF and drill paper.

For details, please visit the App Store, Google play application site.

Free for a limited time (as of April 2018)

It is ideal for preliminary training and image training in front of containers!
 You can confirm the personal point confirmation and whole movement in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

Staff will respond quickly, such as questions before purchase, usage,
drill design etc. Feel free to ask any questions.


Use mail form(

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Form received.

  • I want to put it on install my MAC and Windows PC, is it possible?

    Is possible.
    Up to two personal computers owned by one user can be registered. Regardless of MAC / Windows registration is possible.

  • I changed the PC, can I change the registered PC?

    When transferring the computer, it is necessary to delete the old PC information from the server and register the information of the new personal computer.

      Resetting registration information is done manually by staff to prevent unauthorized use, so resetting can take up to 2 business days.

    Please send the sentences of "Please change computer information" by e-mail. In that case please request from the registered email address.

  • I suddenly became unable to activate. What should I do?

    We use the Internet for authentication.

    If the line condition is not good, the authentication may fail and the activation may end.

    Please check the connection to the Internet and reactivate again.

    If you are connected to the Internet but not authenticated, there is a possibility that the authentication information has been changed due to OS update, drill studio version upgrade, etc.

    In that case, please send me a message though.

    Reset registration information and re-authentication procedure.

  • How many performers do you support?

    It is designed assuming about 200 people, but the upper limit is 1000 people.

    Operation may be delayed if the number of people is too large depending on the memory of the personal computer and the performance of the GPU.

    Please test the operating condition of your computer and purchase it.

  • Screen resolution is coarse, lines such as grid disappear. Is there a way to improve it?

    Resolution and graphics settings may be incorrect.

    Hold down [Ctrl] for Windows and [option] for Mac and click the drill studio icon to display the resolution setting. In case

    Please set according to your monitor.

    Please see the manual resolution setting for details.

  • Can I upload a video to YOUTUBE etc?

    Direct uploading is not supported.

    Since there is a function to export a movie in AVI or MOV format, please upload a movie exported using a tool such as YOUTUBE.

    Since the video exported by the drill studio is not compressed and its capacity is large, it can be uploaded smoothly by recompressing with the video editing software.

  • Can you read data created by another company's drill creation software?

    We are sorry, we do not support other company's data.

  • I do not understand how to use it, so can you tell me in detail by phone?

    I am sorry, I will reply if you ask questions by SNS or e-mail.

  • I would like to cancel the contract, what should I do?

    On the PAYPAL account page, view the details of the pre-approved payment and click Cancel.

    Please note that in the case of cancellation software can not be used immediately.

    Also, we have not made a refund for expenses already canceled, so we recommend that you close the contract immediately before renewal.

    You can check the specific time of contract renewal on PayPal account page.

  • Saved data can not be opened normally. what should i do?

    Drill Studio can not open the saved file directly by double click because of development environment problem.

    Start up the software and select the file you saved from [File]> [Open] and open it. You can also open it from [Recent Files].

    If you can not open the file despite the correct operation, the file may be damaged.

    When analyzing in our development environment, you may be able to recover saved information to some extent, so please contact support.

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